Reaching a balance as a working mom

Being a mom by itself isn’t one of the easiest things to do and being away from your child isn’t easy at all. I have actually gone back to work at a rather later stage than usual she was actually 9 months so I felt a bit more relieved at going back to work. I thought that would make it better but it didn’t the mom guilt is so real and no matter the age you have to try concur mom guilt.
It’s never easy being a mom trying to juggle a full-time job with a family life. Read on for tips on how you get closer to reaching an ideal work-life balance
More moms than ever are in the workforce. Being a full-time working mother can lead to feelings of guilt and stress because of divided attention between work and family. The key is to focus on a plan, get organized, and find the right balance between profession and parenthood. Here are 10 ways to help make sure both your career and your family flourish.
1. The right mind-set is important
You need to let go of any guilt you have because you are working and always remind yourself that you are doing what is best for you and your children by working in order to be able to provide their needs to them.
2. Know everyone’s place
What I mean by this is that everyone in your life has a different priority level and it is important that you treat everyone according to how you prioritize them then don’t waste time with unnecessary people in your life.
3. Have special family time
You need to make a deliberate effort to plan special activities that you as a family can do together to bond and grow together as one. There are so many activities that you can do that doesn’t even cost much it could something as simple as going to the park together but ensure you regularly make time for you family.
4. Make time for your partner
This is so important because you as parents can get caught up with the fact that you are now parents and then forget yourselves as a couple and that creates a drift between the two of you which in turn can affect your relationship then this can eventually sadly lead to separation.
5. Get a trusted childcare provider
Whether it is getting a nanny or using a day-care but ensures your child is well taken care of while you are at. Do research on the type of caregiver you want and interview people before trusting them with taking care of your child.
6. Make the most time where you are at home
When you are at home make sure you use that to spend time with your child since you can’t be with them 24/7 due to work so make the most the time you do get with your child.
7. Plan
Plan ahead for how you can navigate your life to make things easier for example, if you need to do some extra things after work plan to do them maybe when you child go does to sleep at night so that you always are present for all activities.
8. Have a support structure
Have a community of people who support you and will be there for you whenever you need it the relationships can be online or physical but ensure you have some sort of support.
9. Always communicate with your employer
Your employer should know that you have a child and when anything happens you should be able to openly communicate with your employer when you need some off time or when an emergency arises and you need time off from work.
10. Lower your expectations
A lot of the pressure that moms have to cook healthy and delicious meals daily, maintain a perfectly clean house, and be the perfect parent are expectations that you put on yourself. No one else demands as much as you demand of yourself.
When you lower your expectations, you will find a lot of the unnecessary stress can be eliminated.
I hope these tips were somehow helpful to you as a reader to somehow find a balance in you journey as a working mother.

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