The importance of speaking positive words over your family

In the post below I’ll be looking into the importance of speaking positive words over both your marriage and your children as these are aspects that make up your family


Words are so important and they carry so much power and marriage can be tough at times I know. Marriages will only last when both parties are willing to work on things to ensure the marriage lasts forever.

When you go through tough times the first thing that comes to mind is that you somehow automatically start to think negatively about your current situation and unfortunately what you think is highly likely to come up in your words Evil also emerges in words, though it may not always be obvious. Jesus cautions in Matthew 12:34, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” When evil resides in the heart, it will be exposed in perverse speech, language contrary to the truth of God and to love.

So you may ask yourself why should you speak positive words over both your marriage and family? To protect it. The enemy is constantly trying to tear down the godly institution of marriage. One major way the enemy is able to divide and conquer many marriages is through the sin of speaking lies and unkind words over one another. Just like any seed, when bad seeds are sown into our marriages by ugly words, bad fruit will grow as a result. The enemy is the father of lies and will take any and every opportunity to steal the life and love out of your marriage covenant.

While it isn’t always easy to speak God’s life-giving words all day long, it is something toward which every believer should ultimately strive.

The Word of God tells us that without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). One major way that we are taught to build our faith is by reading and speaking God’s Word. When we take the time out to read His Word, we are renewing our minds with His thoughts and instruction on life – replacing old worldly mindsets. This new understanding naturally will result in our mouths speaking more life-giving words. Combined with praying God’s Word and confessing it out loud on a daily basis, we are showing God how important His Word is to us. Another wonderful by-product of this type of obedience is that you will begin to see an increase in speaking words of faith and love in areas of your life where words of doubt and fear once prevailed.

What if you don’t feel like speaking faith-filled words of life over your spouse?

 Do it anyway! Certainly there are times where we really don’t want to say anything nice to our spouses. As a matter of fact it can be downright tough! What should we do in those times? Speak God’s Word anyhow. Not only will you be honouring God and your spouse, but you will be doing the necessary hard work it takes to build your faith and ability to persevere in your marriage.

My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. ~James 1:2-4

Take the time today to sit down with your spouse and agree to speak kind, faith-filled, life-giving words over one another on a daily basis. 

We are constantly coming up with different confession lists to speak over each other. Even if your spouse in not a Christian, it is unlikely s/he will see this as a bad idea. Once you and your spouse are in agreement on the importance of speaking life-giving words over your marriage, watch God come in and do what only He can – bless your marriage above what you could ask, think, or imagine!


As parents, we can profoundly influence the direction of our children’s lives by the words we say to them. Yet many parents fail to do so. “Oh, my kids know that I love them,” a lot of parents say. “They know that I pray for them.” Maybe so, but your children need to hear those words of blessing in their lives. And the good news is that it is not difficult to change the tone around your home. You can begin speaking positive truth into your children’s lives any time you want. Joel and I try to speak God’s Word into the lives of children in our natural, ordinary, “everyday” circumstances of life. For instance, when I drop our kids off at school, before they even get out of the car, I remind them, “You are blessed today. You have the favour of God.”

Parents, you can do something similar. Speak God’s Word over your children every day before they go to school or go out to play. You don’t need to preach a sermon; just say something like, “God’s Word says that He loves you, and He has something special in store for you today!”

Or pray, “You promised me in Psalm 91 that You will give Your angels charge over us and that no evil would come near our household. So I thank You that my children are supernaturally protected, and You are guiding them and watching after them. Father, You said that we’re the head and not the tail, and You will surround us with favor. So I thank You that my children are blessed, and they will excel at whatever they put their hands to do.”

Whether we realize it or not, our words affect our children’s future for either good or evil. We need to speak loving words of approval and acceptance, words that encourage, inspire, and motivate our children to reach for new heights. When we do that, we are speaking blessings into their lives. We are speaking abundance and increase. We’re declaring God’s favor in their lives

All too often, parents slip into being harsh and critical with their children, nit-picking, and easily finding fault in whatever the kids are doing. “Why can’t you make better grades? Go clean your room — it looks like a pigpen! You can’t do anything right, can you?”

Such negative words will cause our children to lose the sense of value God has placed within them. Certainly, as parents, we have a responsibility before God and society to train our children, to discipline them when they disobey, to lovingly correct them when they make wrong choices. But we should not constantly harp on our kids. If you continually speak words that discourage and dishearten, before long you will destroy your child’s self-image. And with your negative words, you will open a door, allowing the enemy to bring all sorts of insecurity and inferiority into your child’s life.


Remember, if you make the mistake of constantly speaking negative words over your children, you are cursing their future. Moreover, God will hold you responsible for destroying their destiny. With authority comes responsibility, and you have the responsibility as the spiritual authority over your child to make sure that he feels loved, accepted, and approved. You have the responsibility to bless your children.

Besides, we all want good things for our children. We want our kids to be blessed. Why not put those thoughts and feelings into words?  Say those words aloud that will bless your children: “You are a child of God. God has good things in store for you. You are blessed and cannot be cursed!” Then watch to see how your child begins to thrive, how his attitude about himself will change, how her actions with others will improve, as the blessings of God begin to take root in the lives of your children.

I hope the above will assist you to help speak positive words over both your marriage and children.

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